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Visualizing data with Power BI.

Training Module Title: Visualizing data with Microsoft Power BI

Target Audience: Beginner to intermediate users of Microsoft Power BI

Duration: 3-day workshop (6 hours per day)

Objective: The objective of this training module is to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use Microsoft Power BI. By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Create and connect to data sources

  • Build and design reports and dashboards

  • Apply visualizations to enhance data insights

  • Perform advanced data analysis using DAX formulas


Day 1:
Session 1 - Introduction to Power BI

  • Overview of Power BI interface and features

  • Creating and connecting to data sources

  • Understanding data modeling and relationships

  • Introduction to Power Query Editor

Session 2 - Data Transformations with Power Query

  • Cleaning and shaping data using Power Query

  • Merging and appending data from multiple sources

  • Creating calculated columns and measures

Session 3 - Building Basic Reports and Dashboards

  • Creating visualizations and adding them to reports

  • Designing effective dashboards

  • Using filters and slicers to interact with data


Day 2:
Session 4 - Advanced Visualizations

  • Building advanced visualizations (treemaps, heat maps, gauges)

  • Using custom visuals and themes

  • Enhancing interactivity with bookmarks

Session 5 - Advanced Data Analysis with DAX Formulas

  • Understanding DAX formulas and expressions

  • Creating calculated tables and columns using DAX

  • Using time intelligence functions to analyze data over time

Session 6 - Data Sharing and Collaboration

  • Sharing and collaborating on reports and dashboards

  • Publishing reports to the Power BI service

  • Creating and managing content packs


Day 3:
Session 7 - Advanced Data Transformations with Power Query

  • Performing advanced data transformations with Power Query

  • Using M language to write custom transformations

Session 8 - Power BI Integration with Other Applications

  • Connecting Power BI to Excel and other Microsoft applications

  • Creating reports using Excel and Power BI together

  • Using Power BI with SharePoint and Dynamics 365

Session 9 - Best Practices and Tips

  • Tips for designing effective reports and dashboards

  • Best practices for managing data and performance

  • Strategies for maintaining and updating reports


Delivery Method: This training module will be delivered in a hands-on, interactive workshop format. Participants will be required to bring their laptops with Microsoft Power BI installed. In the due course of training they will be guided through a series of exercises and activities to reinforce their learning. The trainer will also provide real-world examples and scenarios to demonstrate the practical applications of Power BI.


Assessment: Participants will be assessed through a series of quizzes and practical exercises throughout the workshop to gauge their understanding and application of the concepts taught. At the end of the workshop, participants will complete a final assessment to evaluate their overall proficiency in using Power BI.

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