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Doctor and Patient

Online Appointment


Klinic is an online scheduling and appointment management system designed to help medical clinics, pathology laboratories, doctors and hospitals to streamline their booking and appointment process.

Some of its key features include:

Online scheduling: Businesses can offer online scheduling and booking services to their customers, 24/7.

Customizable booking forms: We create custom booking forms that match tour brand and collect all the necessary information from customers.

Automated email and SMS (optional) reminders: Klinic can send automated email and SMS reminders to customers before their scheduled appointments to reduce no-shows.

Accept payments online: accept online payments for your services through various payment options, such as PayPal and credit card.

Staff management: Businesses can manage their staff's schedules, assign them to services, and track their availability in real-time.


Integration: currently our solutions come bundled with a personal domain and a website designed for you.

Invoice automation: Klinic enables businesses to automatically generate and send invoices to customers after services are provided.

Customer Engagement: Coupons and GIFT Cards can be availed. Also, Loyalty programs can be incorporated.

Pricing: ₹ 43,500 for the first year
Second Year Onwards: ₹ 18,500 per year

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